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Tuning in

What's going on with the Virgin Mobile network recently? The past few months the service has been absolutely terrible. In my home I'm lucky if I can get 3G now where as before I could get decent 4G signal.

If I'm in a busy place people all around me are able to do video calls on their mobile phones, I'll have full 4G signal but mobile network won't work at all.

This is affecting all members in my household, in total we have 5 mobile phone contracts, all 5 of them have the same issue. They're a mixture of Android and iPhones, one of which is a contract I pay for my child who's at university in another part of the UK also getting the same issues. I don't see the point on calling the technical support number as they'll try and troubleshoot each number individually when there's obviously an issue with the network itself. Could someone from Virgin reply to this with any improvements are being made? Otherwise I'll be cancelling all 5 contracts and going elsewhere.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Virgin Mobile is now a rebadging of O2, and the rebadging will soon disappear before it's just an O2 account.

Data speed & quality of coverage are dictated by different things. The quality of coverage is what it is, but data speeds are dictated by the amount of capacity on your serving cell, divided by the amount of users there are wanting a piece of it. Nationally, O2 is consistently the worst performing network for data - and this was before Virgin moved their mobile customers from VF to O2, making the situation worse.

You can have poor coverage but quick data just as easily as you can have excellent coverage but poor data. The fix is for more capacity to be added on the radio network (both 4G & 5G), but the ease with which this can be done depends on site-by-site configs. And it's a long-term project, not something that can be done overnight.

As a further example, EE & VF have an active programme to switch the 3G network off and fully re-farm the spectrum onto 4G & 5G services. O2 have not yet announced any dates by which this will be complete.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Corb,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear the issues you're facing with the service, just to clarify on this is the service never changing from a full 4G signal?

Also are you unable to receive any calls/texts?



Voice calls and text messages are okay. It's also fine if I'm connected to WiFi so it's just mobile internet. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm at home or travelling. It's bad wherever I am. In fact it's usually worse if I'm trying to use it when travelling as it will quite often stop working when I'm trying to use it for directions.

Thanks for getting back to us, 

During this time did our team replace any of the existing SIMs at the time?