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Issues receiving OTP text messages


Hi All, 

We are aware that some customers may be experiencing issues receiving OTP text messages.

Our support team are investigating this issue and we will update this thread with any progress. 


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Transferred over to VM from Vodaphone 2 days ago everything fine except i cannot receive access code from HMRC site  by SMF , cannot access my self assessment account without this verification is this going to be an issue across other services which require authentication 


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Start looking at other prividers. I’ve been trying for weeks to get a code from VM to set up a VM account. If they can’t even send an OTP to their own customers they won’t be able to receive them from others and they don’t care enough to fix it. Problem has existed for 2 years. I’ve spoken to numerous reps, none of whom have helped in any way. I’m leaving as soon as I can. 

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'is this going to be an issue across other services which require authentication '

This is an 'issue' that's been going on for almost 2 YEARS, and VM are still playing around and 'looking into it' with no solution in sight!!

I was having problems with OTP/2FA's from Santander, Lloyds bank, Amazon, Paypal, and a couple of financial companies. VM 'pretended' they were looking into it, NOTHING, so have had to move from VM to '3' to get these OTP/2FA, as I needed them to make transactions, and couldn't wait 2 years for VM to look into it. (appears they are still looking even now!!) 

Move on, get another provider, as it is 100% certain VM will NEVER EVER sort this.  Moved to '3', and low and behold, EVERY single OTP/2FA comes through within minutes!! 


i was on vodaphone and working well I'm going to move to talk mobile as im still in coolong off period ive notified that they shouldn't be recommending Virgin with issues such as these in this day and age. i actually looked to see if there was a VM store anywhere near that i could pop into to get it sorted it appears they all seem to have shut !!!!!!!



Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you are having issues with your OTP text messages.

We can understand the inconvenience caused and we want to best help.

I have been able to take a look at our systems and I can see you recently spoke to our team regarding this. Has the issue been resolved with our team? Do you need any further help?


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The issue isn't resolved.

I also identified that the sim number supplied with the new sim was still  visable and ticked under the send and receive catagories in  imessage and facetime (0730508xxxx)  so I removed them and finally managed to input and get the phone to accept my old number 0776722xxxx. the Phone will not allow you to tick that number like it does on a phone where everythings working ok,   however. imessages work ok  as they are sent and received by my email addresses.

I have tried to get an OTP this morning and failed !

Before I finally give up on this I may try to backup all my data and completely reset the phone to see if starting again helps - what a bloody pain no one has been able to figure this problem out.  Just so your aware we transferred the phones settings and data across from my old iphone 6 to the new 12 as soon as I received the new sim from you.

The problems kicked off when you reactivated my old number from my previous network provider vodaphone it doesn't  seem to have completly removed the temporary number supplied with the Sim from the phone something is very messed up.   



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Forum Team (Retired)


Thank you for coming back to us in regards to your ongoing issues with OTP messaging.

I do apologise that you're still experiencing these problems. Can you please keep us updated on how you get on with the handset reset to see if this can help resolve this problem?

I can see that you've been in touch with our team a few days ago to discuss this further. Have you received any updates on this yet?

Keep us updated if you can.

Thank you.

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I am now extremely fed up. My OTP and 2FA are still not working. I have spent hours making sure I've got my phone information backed up to enable a full reset. The new iphone is now showing that my old number is linked to the phone in all the right places and that the temporary sim number has been banished but I'm still not getting any OTP & 2FA . I am imminently running out of patience unless you solve this.

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Oh... sinking feeling. I have another 2 SIMs/mobile numbers not receiving any OTP text messages from any businesses.

Have tried the 2 SIMs in 3 different brand phones (both Apple and Android), have checked service centre number correct, have gone through and checked all the settings mentioned in this thread. No OTP messages getting through to either numbers. 

A quick Google and looking at this thread would confirm that this is a frequent issue with Virgin Mobile that has been rumbling on for almost 2 years now - and it doesn't look like there is any other practical option other than to leave the network. 

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Yep I've been completely dropped by VM with my complaints.  No help whatsoever.  I even opened a formal complaint but that has also been ignored.  Next stop id Ofcom as this is completely unacceptable.