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International calls

Joining in

When I make international calls they can't hear me. I can hear anything clearly but the called nr cannot hear me. It happened with mobiles and landlines too


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @kitti1,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your mobile at the moment, are you calling more than one country and having the same issues or is this just happening with calls to one particular country?

Does this happen at all times of the day and do you have full signal, when this is happening?



I make calls to Hungary and yes it happens all the time. I have to call Hungary regularly so I need to find a solution or I need switch to an another mobile provider.

Hi Kitti1,

Thanks for coming back to us about this, I am sorry your international calls to Hungary are having this issue. 

Can I ask if you have any issues hearing them if they call you? 

Can I also ask if you have another handset to test the SIM in to see if the same issue occurs on a different phone? If the issue disappears it will be a problem with your handset, if it still occurs then it will be an issue with the SIM.



No I have no issues when they call me, we can hear each other clearly I have issues when I call them.

I will try to call them from another device but the same SIM and I'll let you know.

Thanks Kitti1,

If it is an issue with the SIM we can get a replacement SIM sent out just in case your current one has become faulty.