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In Netherlands - no phone or text

Up to speed

My husband and I are currently in Netherlands.  He has an O2 sim but I stayed with VM.  My phone will not make calls or send/receive texts but his is working perfectly fine.  I've gone online to my mobile account (using my laptop) and tried to set up roaming and international calls but can't get it to change.

We've been here since 1st June and I have all the tickets, banking arrangements in my name so need access.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Finnegan,

Thank you for posting on our community forums, sorry to see you are having issues setting up your international roaming. I will PM you to look into this for you. 

Thank you.

Ari - Forum Team

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Thanks Ari.  Should I be seeing a message indicated in the purple envelope on the top right of this screen?

HI Ari,

Is there any chance of a resolution today or will it be tomorrow?

Still no data roaming this morning.  Is there something I need to do? I'm here for another week and need to call and send texts.

Another day has passed without roaming capability.  I need this sorted soon as I cannot continue to stay attached to my laptop for another week.

Finally, I've got data roaming! 

Don't know for sure but I logged into my account and set Data Roaming and International Calls to ON and this time they stayed that way.  I've been doing that for a week but the slider buttons would not 'stick' and the buttons jumped back to OFF. I'm just grateful that it's working now.