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Impossible to speak to a human

I am trying to contact VM on 789 but there are no options that allow you to speak to a human being - even if you are thinking of leaving - which I wasn't but after failing to get hold of anyone I might now do. Every option seems to take me to "press 1 and we'll text you a link", which just sends you to a web page. I don't want online help - it's not helping - which is why I want to speak to a human being!

Basically, I need to upgrade my plan immediately - not on the renewal date.

I'm very frustrated with wth Virgin's poor customer service that appears to do everything possible to avoid having to speak to their customers.

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Re: Impossible to speak to a human

I feel your pain I had exactly the same today my contract has run out so I am rolling an old contract month on month but I wanted to upgrade to the 13 pounds 36 GB SIM-only contract. But I can not get to select it on the web site for changing my contract and it is not an option on the phone bot. I will look to see what other providers offer tonight so it may mean switching which I didn't want to do but at the moment it seems the only option to upgrade. 

I also don't understand why a comms company cannot set up their staff to work from home, as I have been doing since March. Of all the companies that have a reason to struggle with setting this up I would have thought a company selling communications should be far down the list.

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Re: Impossible to speak to a human

I'm exactly the same, but I'm trying to resolve issues before I'm even using their service. I have 3 or 4 questions and I've been on the chat system for 4 or 5 hours with no response, on hold on the phone before being disconnected. I have another 7 days in which I can cancel my order, and I'm severely tempted.