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How to Cancel Sales Call

Dialled in


This is really a cry for help as complaining online is just so complicated and none of the drop down boxes apply to my complaint

I have two mobile sims with Virgin Mobile on my account, one is mine, one is my wife's line.

Twice a day for the last two weeks she's been  getting calls from Virgin Mobile wanting to speak to me to buy a new phone.

I have been there  on a few occasions and spoken to them twice and said I don't want a new phone for me or my wife  as Virgin are too expensive and I can get cheaper from elsewhere (note to Virgin, I have a good deal on my sim and nothing currently matches anywhere near what I get for the price). A moment ago they rung again and I answered this time and told them I had already spoken to someone a few days ago and I wanted to be left alone.

Their answer " what did they offer you?"

Hopefully someone from Virgin Mobile will see this and do something because its driving my wife nuts!



Rant over!






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @sounds thanks for your post although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised. 

Please allow me to send you a PM as I'll ask you to confirm some security questions along with your number so we can get you unsubscribed.

Please expect this PM to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!

Many thanks