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Disconnecting a mobile line permanently

I called customer support asking them to cancel and disconnect a virgin line in December. Since then I've made two more calls to them as the line is still working. 

Till date this line remains open and still receives calls despite me telling them to cancel it as we were receiving sex calls on the line. 


Can someone advice as to what It takes to have a virgin mobile line disconnected permanently? 

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Re: Disconnecting a mobile line permanently

Do you have a mobile service elsewhere? If so the easiest way is to send the word STAC to number 75075, you will gets STAC code by reply or further instructions such as adding in your date of birth to the word STAC.


You then go to the number porting page of your current network and give them the STAC code a few days later your virgin number is cancelled but no number moves.

STAC is like PAC except the number does not port.

if you don’t have another service anyone can use your STAC code.

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