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Constant droping of Phone,Data & Txt Signal

About 2 months ago My second phone had to change the sim card because of the new 4G connection,it worked for about 3wk then it started,signal would drop to zero, not able to phone or send or receive txt message,data  nothing, I Checked my ATN settings and found it to be the same, I have no problems with my first phone a Samsung S7,I had the same problem when I had to switch over to a new 4G sim card and had nothing but problems, eventual it turn out to be a faulty batch of sim cards and I had one, so they sent me a new one and it work ok.The phone I have is capable of 4G (Samsung S7) but the 2nd phone a Samsung S3 is only capable of 3G. I have tried everything possible to correct this problem,but failed,The only thing left is the Sim card.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem..........

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Re: Constant droping of Phone,Data & Txt Signal

HI Exorcist74,

Thanks for your post on the Community and welcome. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your mobile signal. Has this been resolved since your post?


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