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Concerns with Yodel Delivery

I am due to have my new phone delivered tomorrow, but after reading some of the threads on this site I decided to contact Yodel. I was then rudely advised that due to privacy rules they were not able to tell me anything about the parcel other than the tracking number I had been given by VM did not exist.  I have now been on hold with VM for over half an hour.

A couple of days ago, it took me over an hour on the phone to sort my upgrade and now I have the horrible feeling I am not going to be getting my phone tomorrow. 

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Re: Concerns with Yodel Delivery

Normally they will send you a email stating that it will be turning up a specific day... But it can be a while to get the email.. I got mine at about 22:12 tonight.. The email. 

 Maybe it has not updated on the yodel site which is another possibility! 

Perhaps they have spelt your email address wrong or some dosey pillock in the office screwed your order up. 

I hope you get your order as I know how stressful this can be.. It is currently ongoing for me.