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Cannot receive calls while EU roaming (Greece)

On our wavelength

Device : iPhone 12 mini iOS 15.5

I can make calls to UK but cannot receive calls, I spent a 4 long hours with virgin mobile support with no success. I have seen similar posts where you change the SIM application setting to a manual mode for international network selection and I  have tried using  the COSMOTE  and WIND GR networks.
My phone rings and connects I can hear the caller but they cannot hear me. If I initiate the call it works fine. I checked my mobile preferences and confirmed I have enabled the Going Abroad setting and disabled international call barring.  Checking my online account I looked at my recent usage and all international roaming received calls are flagged as “in Plan? NO”

I have no issues with mobile data and can receive WhatsApp calls and texts.

Any clues where the problem lies?



How many users need to report the same issue & get pointless responses that the issue has been passed to someone at Virgin to fix. I have the same issue as reported by numerous people here & Virgin is doing nothing to resolve it. Only solution is to CHANGE PROVIDER WHEN BACK IN THE UK!

I have solved this problem. I left Virgin.

On our wavelength

Update, to my original post which maybe of relevance.I arrived in Madeira last night and at least one of the issues I had in Greece has been resolved which was receiving calls from local landlines to my mobile device. I tested using  the hotel room landline and bi-directional communication was achieved.

The difference this time from back in May: I was issued a new SIM card back in the UK. I also powered off my iPhone instead of using airplane mode while travelling and powered it back up once at the destination.  

As back in May, I have set the international roaming mode to manual in the SIM Applications menu on the iPhone.

I am not quite getting the flags out but this is progress. I will also test further while here and report any issues.




Besides the problem I had in Portugal (no audio on calls received from the UK)

I was in Turkey last week and I had the following issues: not able to make calls (didn't even ring, imediatly dropped) & not able to receive calls (caller told me it went directly to voice mail). SMS seemed to work
I had an issue with my flight being cancelled and could't use my mobile to sort out the situation

I am deeply disapointed in Virgin service and can't wait for my contract to end in 1 month
I don't even expect any solution at this point we've seen several people complaining of same issues here and all Virgin do is ask for reboots and resets which didn't work for anyone, no investigation at network level has been done

Hi andrelsilva

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I am sorry to hear of the issues you had whilst in Turkey, are you still there now or abroad still? Let us know if you are and need help still. Best,

Forum Team

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No I'm not and to be honest I don't even want any help from Virgin anymore because I had many interactions on this topic and it has all been a big waste of my time
Just wanted to leave info here for other customers and, if there were any doubts, that Virgin's roaming is just faulty but no one cares to properly investigate and fix it
Take care

I am sorry you feel this way but do pop back if you ever need us. 


Forum Team

Need a helpful hand to show you how to make a payment? Check out our guide - How to pay my Virgin Media bill