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Cannot receive calls while EU roaming (Greece)

On our wavelength

Device : iPhone 12 mini iOS 15.5

I can make calls to UK but cannot receive calls, I spent a 4 long hours with virgin mobile support with no success. I have seen similar posts where you change the SIM application setting to a manual mode for international network selection and I  have tried using  the COSMOTE  and WIND GR networks.
My phone rings and connects I can hear the caller but they cannot hear me. If I initiate the call it works fine. I checked my mobile preferences and confirmed I have enabled the Going Abroad setting and disabled international call barring.  Checking my online account I looked at my recent usage and all international roaming received calls are flagged as “in Plan? NO”

I have no issues with mobile data and can receive WhatsApp calls and texts.

Any clues where the problem lies?



I was in Portugal for 2 occasions recently and had that issue both times, during the first stay I dind't make much of it as I only received 1 or 2 calls and blamed my phone for it
During the second stay I received lots of calls and all the same issue so I reported it to Virgin but returned to UK before any outcome
That was a month ago and to this date no answer from Virgin despite me sending a comprehensive list of calls and failures
Wifi calling was also not available
Being in the UK I don't have any of those issues: inbound calls work and so does Wifi Calling
So to answer your question I could not try again because I've been in the UK but nothing was done by Virgin so I'm sure the same will happen next time I go back

Receiving calls in Portugal from the UK: rings, I pick up but we can't hear each other, sometimes the caller continues hear the calling signal despite me picking up
However I tried calling from a Portuguese number and that was ok

Hi Andre, thank you for the update. 

Sincerest apologies that you are still experiencing issues. 

I can see you are in a PM conversation with my colleague, who will be best placed to offer you further support. 

Please do be aware that the forums are not an instant support service, and replies can take a little time. We will always get back to you as soon as possible - thank you for your patience throughout the process. 

All the best! 


I understand the forum is not the quickest way but wanted to contribute with my info to show this is affecting several users and Virgin has to switch to a different approach than looking at each in isolation and going throug the usual stuff of rebooting phone, switch network on phone, etc because that's a waste of time for everyone

So I chased Virgin about the logs of calls I was asked and sent over a month ago
The response is they didn't look at it and want me to change the SIM card
this is terribly disapointing, firstly they wasted my time and secondly insisting at looking at this as an isolated issue on customer end when clearly affects several customers

Hello andrelsilva 

Thank you for your post.

Sorry to hear you are having issues receiving calls whilst abroad.

Can I just ask what handset you have please 


If you are asking for my headset means you ignored everything I wrote, all the history is in a private chat with a member of your team if you're interested
I will just raise a formal complaint because you are insisting at looking at this the wrong way

I have this same problem every time I am in Spain. It started about 12 months ago. I have gone through all the usual support calls trying every setting. Pointless.

I was sent a new Sim card, again pointless.

This seems to be a one way audio problem and started when we left EU.

Virgin need to get this resolved as at present only solution seems to be to leave Virgin.

Hi magfletcher

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear of the roaming issues - to confirm, is this only affecting receiving calls? Is making calls and sending/receiving SMS OK? 

What phone do you have please?


Forum Team

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Samsung A40a

I can make calls and message.

It is only incoming calls that are a problem. I answer a call and the caller cannot hear me. 

This has been happening whenever I am in Spain for last 12 months.

Thanks for coming back to me and confirming.

As you’re using an Android phone, please can you do the following: Selects Apps from your home screen > Virgin SIM toolkit > Roaming > Mode > Manual > International. Once this has been done you might need to reboot. Let us know if this works for you
Let me know if this solves things. Best 

Forum Team

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