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Can't make or receive calls in USA

Joining in

Received 'welcome to USA' text. Unable to make or receive calls or send texts. Account shows international barring off and call roaming enabled. Roaming enabled on phone. iPhone 13 (UK settings) and iPhone 6 (shared account, different numbers) both affected..


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi petemcv,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Can I ask you to check the SIM toolkit settings for international roaming?

To do this;

Select Settings from the Home Screen
Select Phone Icon
Select SIM Applications
On newer iOS 14 - Settings -> Mobile Data -> SIM Applications
Select Roaming
Select Mode
Select Manual
Select International and you are done, go back Home screen to retry.



Have set as advised, still no difference.

Thanks for the response.

One the network selection, if you try to manually select a network compared to being automatic, does it allow a connection to a mast?

Let us know,


It will connect to T-Mobile manually (and also on automatic)

Ahh okay. 

Do you receive an error message at all when connected?
Or do no bar show for signal?

Thanks again,


No error messages and full bars. I do receive the Virgin Mobile 'Welcome To The USA' texts so something is connecting.

Do you have a spending cap on your account? If you have you might want to raise it as sending and receiving calls and sending texts incur costs. It might be that that's stopping you.

No spending cap in place

There's some troubleshooting on why data roaming may not be working here

Take a look and let us know if this helps. 

Forum Team

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