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TV pairing code for sharp tv

Joining in

We've just bought a new Sharp TV and I'm looking for the pairing code for my Tivo remote.

Sharp's support line say that they don't support Virgin media remotes but I was wondering if I just need the correct code. The TV is model 40CI1KA

Grateful for any help

Many thanks 




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Steve,

You've posted in the Tivo forum so I'm assuming you have one of the older Tivo boxes.

If so the following thread should help Managing-Your-Account-Cable/Remote 

However, since this is your first forum post you may be a new VM user, if so you will have a 360 box.

You can confirm which box you have by looking at the following page 

Please update the thread either way so we can help further if necessary.



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It's a Tivo box


I've tried doing the manual method to input about 40 codes to my virgin remote but it hasn't worked. I think my next step is to use the 'scan' method to run through all the codes.

Can any one advise please?

Many thanks 


I spent about 40 minutes sending the codes to the TV using the scan method but no progress.

Would I be right in thinking that my remote contains lots of codes but as it is quite old that it might not hold the correct code for a brand new TV?

I would be very grateful for advice how to take this forward 

Many thanks



Hey Zef2911, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

We can't guarantee our equipment would work with any 3rd party equipment and when it does it might not work 100% 

What error code is it giving you? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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