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Windows 10 21H2 November update


Windows 10 21H2 November update available this afternoon

A fairly quick update this time

win 10 update 2021-11-19 142527.jpg

winver 2021-11-19 142722.jpg


A bit late to edit the previous message.  But I ran sfc /scannow as Administrator

after this update, and it found some errors and repaired them

Hello again!  I've been away for a bit and not posting the usual nonsense since November.  I've had a few problems where browsers and internet based apps had been dropping out.  A look in Event Viewer revealed the answer.  Apparently a leap second has been added to 2022 as it isn't quite long enough, however this wasn't the problem. 

svchost.exe had been rewriting system time during writing to files, so stuff wasn't being saved properly as the timing would be out.  As the internet is reliant on file transfer and svchost.exe rewriting system time occasionally (it shouldn't), this would cause problems.

Not sure where this bug (or feature) came from as I haven't been looking too much recently.

TL;DR: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19044.1526] should be OK.

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MrHalfAsleep nice to see posting again. Have fun

There appear to be a few threads mixing up Windows 10 and 11 input


The latest Windows 10 Pro version at the time of posting is

latest win 10 version.jpg


Windows 10 Cumulative and malicious software removal tool updates this morning

Win update 2022-10-12 112847.jpg

Now up to

winver 2022-10-12 114850.jpg

A couple of hangs on installing and configuring