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SuperHub 5

Dialled in

I thought I'd create a Post about all things SuperHub 5  - Can you people who have one Let us know of any Pro & Cons and your experience with the Device, it would be apricated!

Super hub 5

Broadband Chipset – DOCSIS3.1/3.0 Broadcom 3390S

Model code on some; F3896LG-VMB

5 x Antennae
4 x 4 MiMo 5Ghz Broadcom 6715
3 x 3 MiMo 2.4Ghz Broadcom 6710
WiFi 6

1 x 2.5Gbps Broadcom 54991EL
3 x 1Gbps Broadcom 3390S

 So the New Hub 5 adds Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), WPA3 encryption, 1 x 2.5Gbps LAN port and 3 x 1Gbps LAN ports. On the back you’ll also find a WPS button, 2 x phone ports, 1 x power connector + button and 1 x coax connector (Thanks to Mark at ISP review) 




I entered into a chat. Told them i wanted to upgrade my Hub 4 to 5.

On our wavelength

how did that go? the usual BS?? i have the sh4 paired to asus xt8 and im hitting 1gbs according to and around 970 on over wifi 6 

The speeds on the Hub 5 are good when using the 2.5GB Ethernet port get over 1.1Gb speeds, the let down is the upload and the latency what still sits in the 20s

Vodafone FTTP / Orbi / Nighthawk SX10 Pro / Netgear External Beta Tester My Broadband Ping - FTTH

geez it's like pulling teeth. can I as hell get to chat to someone to swap hub from 4 to 5. And that bot chat 🤦