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Longer cable

Joining in


I'm looking to inquire about an wall to hub wire I believe it's called AFAIK, not to sure. Iv been having problems with signal in the room my hub is currently in and wanted to move it to my living room for hopefully better signal and so it is easier so see and manage. Is there any way of getting a longer wire and if so how do I go about getting one. 

Many thanks 







Fibre optic

Your option is a rewire of the hub to a new location a tech will come out and relocate it to the place of your choice the only downside it’s £25 . They do longer cables max is 15m but the best option is a rewire 

Does it cost to get a longer wire because I want to move it from my 1st living room to my 2nd living room double doors splitting them. I literally only needed an extra half meter / meter of wire and it would of been perfect. I don't think I need rewiring just for that little distance really.


The internal cable to the Hub is RG6 coax with F Plugs.  These are readily available online.