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Brown outdoor junction box missing

Joining in

Hi , the outdoor brown junction/cable box is missing and various cables stick out which is a health hazard - can this please be replaced ?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Tulp

I am more than happy to take a look at this for you 

I will need to send you a private message to pass security 

Let me know if you wish to do so 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Tulp,

I believe we have been out and tided the box 

Would you be okay sending a screen shot again please 

Just so we know its okay 



Hi, i have the same issue, the brown Box out side is open and you can see the wires, I tried to tape it on but it came off.  i recently upgraded my broad band and have that Junk SuperHub 3.0 (i wish i could go back to my SuperHub ac) but anyway can someone plz sort out the Brown Box cheers 

Evening F1TeamLH, 


I've popped you over a private message so I can get a few more details from you.


Kind regards, 



Hi, I have the same issue. I am not currently a Virgin Media Customer though? What should I do? Thanks 🙂

Hi Kathlizz85,


Thanks for your post on our Community Forums and a very warm welcome to you!


No problem about not being a customer of ours, we can still take care of this though.


I'll drop you a PM and I'll seek to take some details off you and arrange for an technician to come to see you


Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Kindest regards,



Joining in


I have the same problem. The brown box is missing and all the cables are on show but I’m not a virgin media customer. I am about to leave my rented accommodation and would really like this sorted out. Can you please help?



Hi Alex, thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

To enable me to look into your issue with the exposed cables and health and safety risk, I am going to send you a private message.  Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the screen.