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Virgin TV go app

Dialled in

Does anyone else have issues with the app. Almost every time I try to watch on my iPad, it gives error messages saying either you are not connected to the home network (I always am) or change setting to Local Network (that is also on). I have to keep turning it off resetting wifi and can take ages before it eventually plays a programme. If I then pause for a reason it usually stops playing and I have to start the resetting all over.

I have also tried using different browsers, Google. Firefox, edge, safari etc no difference 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I have reported it several times and it manage to get an engineer out recently but although they tried to help it isn’t something they really deal with (really…😱) they reset hub told me to stop renaming it or giving new password but still no improvement.

this is such a shame as it’s a great app when it works; I much prefer to watch stuff on my iPad while my husband watches sport etc on TV.

when are virgin going to fix this? I’ve had the same issues even when I had TiVo box, now have 360 but no changes. Surely some guru at virgin must know how to fix this permanently 🥴😡

am I alone with this problem? 

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No changes 🤷‍♀️😡😰

Hi Maxwellplum

No there are no changes, I like to watch my recorded programmes on my iPad when I go to bed and after restarting the app 5 times and still no IP address I give up.

The app has not worked for me for the last 5 days.

Connecting to a box using the icon top right of screen just does not work anymore.


Virgin team, please don’t contact me and ask the same questions that I have been answering for the past 2 years, just fix it!!

Every ‘Customer Survey’ I complete I give crap marks and make comments about this and what is done about it =NOTHING

Totally agree, we’ll said 👌

exactly, the only reason i can see it even uses the ip address is to restrict saved playback to a local device, as connectivity, to the box, is clearly there. so VM just removing the restriction should help to fix the issue.

Hi there @Maxwellplum 


I am so sorry that this is issue is still on going and thank you so much for reaching back out to us we are so grateful for the updates. 


I can see that our agent had previously raised a ticket for you in regards to this issue, please do pop back to them so they can check on the ticket.



Hello Ashleigh_C

one thing you may want to pass on regarding the ticket is that I have noticed early to late evening I can’t get an IP ADDRESS what ever I do and no matter how many times I shut down the app and restart it it does not help.

however when I wake up at around 5am the IP ADDRESS is there as soon as you open the app, so it could be a timing issue. Is there anything within the 360 box that happens in the early hours????

maybe just luck but also it worked at 9:07am but not at 11:40am, wonder if related to box being idle/standby overnight, will keep checking.

Dialled in

I find it usually works better (not always though) if the tv is off but as I usually want to watch on my iPad when my husband is watching tv, this doesn’t really help me 🤷‍♀️

Thanks for coming back to us Maxwellplum and trying all of the advice that I have offered today. I have passed this issue over to the second line faults team, to see if they can suggest anything to resolve this, they should get in touch with you directly to try and resolve this for you. 

If they come back to us here instead, we will get back in touch with an update as soon as we possibly can. 

Kind Regards,


Hi Maxwellplum

Just saying that my issues has been passed to second line faults at least twice…….