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Virgin TV go app

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Does anyone else have issues with the app. Almost every time I try to watch on my iPad, it gives error messages saying either you are not connected to the home network (I always am) or change setting to Local Network (that is also on). I have to keep turning it off resetting wifi and can take ages before it eventually plays a programme. If I then pause for a reason it usually stops playing and I have to start the resetting all over.

I have also tried using different browsers, Google. Firefox, edge, safari etc no difference 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I have reported it several times and it manage to get an engineer out recently but although they tried to help it isn’t something they really deal with (really…😱) they reset hub told me to stop renaming it or giving new password but still no improvement.

this is such a shame as it’s a great app when it works; I much prefer to watch stuff on my iPad while my husband watches sport etc on TV.

when are virgin going to fix this? I’ve had the same issues even when I had TiVo box, now have 360 but no changes. Surely some guru at virgin must know how to fix this permanently 🥴😡

am I alone with this problem? 

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Thanks for the response,

Have you been able to gain access to these recordings in the past?




this issue has been going on ever since you introduced the 360 box along with the GO app.

Lots and lots of Apple users are having the same issue judging by the comments on this particular conversation stream.

the app will not pick up a CPE IP Address from the box which means you cannot watch ANY recorded programmes on the app. You can however watch live TV which makes no sense as when they is no CPE IP address the error message says that you are not connected to the 360 box.

I am sorry to repeat myself again and again but this should be a simple overnight update job!!

with regard to channels like Dave not allowing their programmes to be watched on the app, this is ridiculous as you can only watch the recorded programmes on the app in your own house right next to the tv!!!!! Is anyone from virgin speaking to the people to explain this???

another thing is the Download section there are so few programmes that you can download and we are told this is due to the channels or programme makers making that decision but when you click on the Downloadable tab you get loads and loads of programmes which you CANNOT download!!!! Just to fill it out.

Honestly if I was allowed a sky dish then I would move tomorrow


yes always, after restarting the go app multiple times until it picks up the ip address!

as mentioned above if the app can eventually pickup an ip address, on restart,  why can’t the app detect this and keep trying, within reason, automatically until it gets an ip address. as said it’s an overnight update.

i used to support kit vm used and if it took us this long to fix a bug we would be crucified!


Totally agree, I don’t understand why it cant be like to Sky Go app. Which lets you watch programmes from anywhere. Why can virgin only let you watch on your home network? (When you can connect to the app…. Once every 100 tries if you’re lucky).

Crazy in this age of super technology; 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Unless I’m mistaken, the function available in both the Sky Go app and the Virgin TV Go app is EXACTLY the same, except you don’t need a MultiRoom subscription to access the Virgin TV Go app, unlike the Sky Go app.

Perhaps, @Maxwellplum , you can explain where the Sky Go app is better?

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I don’t actually have sky go, I’m stuck with virgin tv go but some of my family have sky go and the greatest benefit is they can watch any content anywhere, so if away on holiday or business you can access app and watch and this annoying issue we all have with Virgin doesn’t exist..

Virgin TV Go app will (supposedly when it works) only let you watch content when connected to your home network.; so fairly limited anyway

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You seem not to understand.

The Virgin TV Go app allows you to watch Live TV and On Demand while away from home, the same as Sky Go.

PS Like Sky Go, you can’t watch recordings away from home.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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You're right, I didn’t realise you could watch live Tv and on demand when away from home; been so focused on trying to watch my own recordings that I have ever tried anything else. Thanks for info 👌

just to keep the topic going can we get some confirmation that virgin are actually looking into this issue, as having the issue again now or do we need to report via a different medium?!


I have been dealing with Steven at virgin who’s being very helpful but unfortunately we’ve had not success as yet. Just had 360 box changed as latest fix but it hasn’t made any difference. Still investigating as far as I am aware 🙈🤷‍♀️