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Virgin TV Go "Oops, that hasn’t worked! Sign in is currently not possible. Please check back soon."

Tuning in

I've been unable to use the Virgin TV Go app or website for quite some time now.

On the website I get the message "Oops, that hasn’t worked! Sign in is currently not possible. Please check back soon." when I sign in.

On the iOS app I get the message "Sorry - this isn't available at the moment. Try again in a few minutes." when I sign in.

I've tried different computers (Windows 10/MacOS), different browsers (Edge/Chrome on Windows 10/MacOS) and deleting and re-installing the iOS app. I've recently upgraded my iPhone and got a new laptop computer and tried on both new devices but get the same messages.

Quite a while ago I was unable to sign in to My Virgin Media, and the issue had to be escalated to the developers, is this a similar issue? Is there something set on my account that is preventing me from accessing Virgin TV Go?


Fibre optic

I am also getting the same thing when i try and use the windows app.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon atrain247,


Thanks for your post on our Community Forums and I'm sorry to see this post has not been answered sooner.


Can you please advise me if this is still on going or have you since been able to gain access to the content? 


I can appreciate you've done a good amount of diagnostics, so if this is still on going, I will seek to take this to a private message if required


Kindest regards,



Hi David,

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

I'm afraid this issue is still occurring, I'd be grateful for any assistance you can offer to get this resolved.

Kind regards


No problem atrain247,


Please check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me


Kindest regards,



Has anybody had any joy getting this sorted. I am also getting the same error message. The issue has been raised with the 2nd line team but still no fix yet. Considering the last issue I had which went to the 2nd line team took over 2 months to get fixed I am not holding out much hope. Customer Services is beyond useless. All anyone will ever say is you will hear back in 24-48 hours and nobody ever calls back

Yes, this was sorted for me after being escalated, it did take a couple months though.

Hi there @atrain247


Thank you so much for your post and update and I am so glad to hear this is now resolved! 


I'm so sorry this took longer than we would like, but it's great to hear that this is now working. 


If you ever do have an issue in the future please don't hesitate to reach out and we will do all we can to help.


Thank you. 


Tuning in


I am experiencing the same problem since I moved house 3 months ago

When I try to log into the Virgin TV Go app on PC and android I get the message "Oops that hasn't worked - Sorry we can't sign you in right now please try again later".

When I moved house I kept the same email for my account contact but for the online log in I was forced to change it to my work email. The issue was Virgin changed my account number and so when I tried to register for online services it said that email was already in use. I have no issue logging into the Virgin website to manage my account the issue is only when logging into Virgin TV Go.


Hi @wheas thanks for reaching posting and welcome to our community.

I am sorry to hear that you're having issues accessing TV Go.  I would love to help you resolve this.  I am going to send you a private message.