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Virgin TV Go - Maximum Devices Reached

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Hello All

We seem to be having some issues with the Virgin TV Go service.
We have registered a Windows 10 PC & a Windows 10 Laptop as our 2 devices.

Accessing SkySports channels is fine, but when trying to view anything on Virgin TV Go we are informed that this is a new device and cannot be registered as we already have 2 active devices.

We are using the exact same machines as when both were originally registered.
This happened on Saturday on the PC, so we used our allotted change to re-register the PC, which worked for that day, but when trying on Monday the same message appeared: “CAN'T REGISTER THIS DEVICE
You have reached the maximum number of devices you can stream with. You can use one of the already registered devices or register a new”

We have cleared the browser settings etc, but this has had no effect.
We are logging in successfully via Microsoft Edge, which we originally registered the devices with.

After checking through the forums, someone advised that using the Windows 10 app would be a better option, which we have now installed.

We are now having some problems contacting Virgin however (Online Chat seems offline at the moment and we are struggling to get through to speak to someone).

The issue is we are not sure why this keeps refusing to use the devices we have already registered.
Has anyone else had any similar issues?

Many Thanks



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I have exactly the same problem.. Connected to chat and they passed me off the another link that apologised that it wasn't available and to try later...

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Same problem here. Get an error occured sometimes and maximum number of devices reached on others

Hi Guys

Same problem for me, Firefox updated to a new version and device no longer registered!  Any mods out there able to help, I'm missing the champions league football Smiley Very Happy



This is infuriating! Two devices, essentially, Opera browser and Firefox browser - on the same pc, but because of software updates both are no longer seen as the devices listed!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Squeaky,

Thanks for letting us know about this on the community and I'm sorry to hear about what's happened.

I'll be able to look into this for you so I'm just going to send you a private message which you will find if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen.

Talk to you soon

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

I get the message maximum devices reached on my Windows 10 laptop as well. I only ever registered Virgin TV Go on one Windows 10 laptop and one iphone, making 2 devices.

Very frustrating that it does not work now and for the last week it has been telling me to wait until 1-10-2018 00:00. Hope it somehow magically gets reset tonight. 




I have the same problem had an iPhone registered but got new phone so replaced that. I’ve tried to login to my laptop and it says maximum devices reached even though my laptop hasn’t changed. 

How do I go any changing this? Says I cannot change until November. 

I’ve phoned tech support and they have reset my account 

Can someone assist me with a similar issue

I keep removing my devices only for them to reappear.  Now i can't remove devices until the beginning of December.

Can anyone assist in clearing my devices?

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Hi,  I have 2 devices registered, it says this laptop is one of them but when I try to watch Sky Sports on it I get a message stating Maximum Devices Registered. 

Can someone help please