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VM telly tablet running android 7 Sky Sports no App

Joining in

Have done a factory reset due to telly tablet problems. TV Go is working fine but cannot access Sky Sports APP. Google Play Store states "Your Device isn't compatible with this version" and doesn't even provide an install option. Anyone any ideas. Sky told me to contact Virgin Media .

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi lynda59,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


Please see the device requirements list which should advise further in this matter


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Same for me, the app was working fine on my VM telly tablet. Today the Sky Sports app says "We've made changes to the video experience in the app. Please tap "Visit Play Store" and update to the latest version. Follow the link to the Play Store and the Sky Sports app details say "This app is no longer compatible with your device. Contact the developers for more info". So now my telly table has become a very expensive paperweight. 😞


Don't know how many factory resets i had done in order to remove some malware and each time you factory reset the telly tablet it shows your connected devices multiply with the same device.

In order to clear this I resorted to phoning VM as the factory resets had locked me out until a particular date.( They duly cleared my duly cleared the 6 devices were actually just 2. so I had a fresh start.

I also pointed out that following these issues I could no longer install Sky Sports App. ( ie Your device is no longer optimised and gave no install logo) Some technical body at VM looked into this issue and phoned me back saying Sky were sorting this issue and to wait until at least Monday 30th August before reinstalling the Sky Sports App.

Fingers crossed till Monday........We'll see

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello @lynda59,


I am sorry to see this.


Please do keep us updated on how it goes.


Many thanks,

Forum Team

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Hello Haley

I wish someone at Virgin and Sky  would get this App sorted out.

I have had the Telly Tablet for 4 years with absolutely no issues but as previously mentioned resorted to factory setting and a clear out due to picking up Malware updating to Android 7 a few months ago. The telly tablet has everything I want when away from home but trying to install Sky Sports is an absolute nightmare.

I didn't realise how many complaints have been made about this App..ALL GREYED OUT.. Go to Sky Sports ....Watch on Sky Sports...App Store...Your Device isn't compatible with this version....This app may not be optimised for your device.

Crickey, with all Virgin Media / Sky and Android technology who the hell can sort this out.


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I'm sorry for this lynda59,


Were you able to check the device compatibility link that John sent you?




Following on from my last post.

Increasingly disappointed with Virgin Media, someone there must have been telling that the Sky Sports App would be available for updated Android 7 on the

TELLY TABLET.... On Google Play stating " your device is not compatible with this version and you device is not optimised blar, blar, blar...Everything else is perfect.  

Why can't Virgin Media, Google and Sky talk to each other about updates and most of all CUSTOMERS REQUIREMENTS.


Hello Alex

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Am I to understand the Telly Table only runs Sky Sports App on Android 5

Regards Lynda

The compatibility link just states Android 5 and upwards (as does the Sky site). The VM Telly Tab is running Android 7 so all should be OK.

All was working fine until this week when the app forces an update but now states that it is not compatible (with no detailed explanation as to why)

It looks like this problem is affecting multiple users of the app