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Joining in

I have perpetual problems trying to get the TV Go app to connect to the TV Box so that I can watch my recordings on an iPad. Every evening I have to try; restart the TV box, restart the iPad, restart the app multiple times. Often have to restart my wi-fi and have tried swapping from my own wi-fi to Virgin Media wi-fi on Hub 3.0 and this makes no difference. I have removed and reinstalled the app more than once and on more than one iPad - I regularly use 2 iPads, both are running the most recent IOS and both behave the same.

Both iPads connect easily early in the day and only with difficulty in the evening, every evening.

When the iPads don't connect the Diagnostics value CPE IP is "unknown" although the TV Box is switched on, running and connected by ethernet to the network. The diagnostics on the TV box show everything is running as it should do.

Please advise how I can make this app connect consistently.





Thanks Zoie.


Is there somewhere I can raise a formal complaint to Virgin Media about the problems with the TV Go app?

In December -

"Thanks for coming back to us. 
It is an issue we are aware of and working on a fix Ian. I will chase for an update and get back to you asap. 
Thanks for your continued patience."

"continued patience" is about exhausted. 



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Thank you for your suggestion Ernie_C, I raised a complaint and it was dealt with by closing it because the issue is too complicated for the Complaints Procedure. They suggested a 'live chat' with support so I need a find a day with nothing else to do and try that. 

Sorry to hear you have not yet had an update on the issue @IWC24 We further apologise for your experience with your complaint. Just to confirm, have you checked here to see if anything is listed? Also when last were you in contact with our team on 0345 454 1111 regarding this issue?


Forum Team

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Hi Akua_A,

There is nothing listed on the link you suggested.

It is many months, perhaps as long ago as last autumn, since I discussed the problem directly and around the same time with an engineer who was at my home looking at another problem. Since then, I have read the replies on here and believe there is problem which prevents devices connecting correctly and which results in the diagnostics reporting the CPE IP as "Unknown". I understand this is a recognised issue and a resolution is being sought.

HI IWC24, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. The CPE part would be the equipment and would likely be your set top box.

Can you check to see if the IP address is blocked and listed here


Hi Chris_W1,

I am aware the CPE IP address is the TiVio box but thanks for confirming.

The IP address is an internal address, issued by my DHCP server, of the type 192.168.nn.nn. I have checked the device address as you suggested and it is not blocked.


Hi Ian,

Are you able to use our TV Go on other deices, is the iPad updated to the latest IOS?




Hi Paul

The TV Go app behaves the same way on 3 iPads and 2 iPhones all of which run the latest IOS and all have the most recent version of the app.