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TV Go - Clear registered devices

Joining in


Can someone please point me the direction of clearing all devices registered please?

TV Go said the maximum had been reached even though no recent changes had been made, I attempted to re-register the PC it's normally used on. After going through the process it then displayed the same message. 

Then I am unable to to change devices until next month. I would like the list to be cleared as I have my own mobile on there twice for some reason.

Thanks if anyone can help.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there richoo7,

Thanks for raising your query and welcome to the community.

For future reference if you are looking to replace certain devices via TVGo you can do so by selecting the cog icon (settings), "Device Management" and from there you'll be able to replace any old devices.

However as you're looking to reset them I've dropped you a PM so we can resolve this, you'll find the message within the purple envelope icon.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your cooperation over PM richoo7,

The devices should now be reset for you. 

Be sure to register the wanted devices!

All the best and take care,