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Sky Sports issue (Being investigated)

Tuning in

On attempting to open Sky Sports I repeeatedly get the following: " There was an unexpected error" I have restarted the PC and also changed web browser but still get the same message. I can access Sky Sports on my mobile phone.



[MOD EDIT: Currently being investigated]


Tuning in

Yep, having same issue as well. Tried PC and mac.


Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 13.38.41.png

Do you know if there is a way to report it or would they be monitoring this chat?

Trying to go to sky sports app unexpected error displayed

error on both iPad and iphone

i logged into Virgin Medusa via sky sorts spp




[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Tuning in

Same issue here. 

Tried other web browsers, uninstalling and reinstalling the Sky Sports app but it still shows Unexpected Error. 

Hi Everyone,

I've merged various posts into one thread so we can track this issue better. I've asked our Support Team to take a look at this and thank you for your patience.




Edit - if you're seeing the error on mobile app, can you tell us whether it's Android or IOS and the version, make and model?




I'm signing into Sky sports the same way I always have to watch a TV stream via the virgin media login (bottom left on the Sky Sports page). It worked yesterday and today it has stopped I keep getting the message Sky - Wholesale Error

I reset my devices and still get this message, it is working on my phone but I need to get it working on the PC ASAP - Any ideas

this is working for me now

Working now, thanks for quick fix!

resolved now, many thanks

Now fixed - many thanks