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Sky Sports App via Virgin TV Go

Tuning in

We have the Full House package (including Sky Sports and Cinema). Is an extra subscription required to watch live Sky Sports events on the go? If not, how do I access them? Via the Sky Go or Virgin apps? Help!

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I agree all this is beyond me ,still waiting for my conclusion and help been 4 months!

Trumpet Fanfare! My issues regarding watching Sky Sports on my iPhone have been resolved (with boundless patience) by Saint Gareth!

On our wavelength

Please send st Gareth to help me ,need saving before the Premier league re commences ! Fed up now!

Thanks for your post @marcbrownett,

Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner and I'll seek to look into this for you.

I will also chat with Gareth to see what he did to have this resolved for you

Kindest regards,


Joining in

I still can't log in to this even after removing devices and readding them. Paying for a service that's not working and then saying you can't replicate the issue even though I sent a screenshot is a joke really 

Hi @Adamswanick16,

Sorry to hear your TV issue is still ongoing. I can see you are currently in contact with my colleague via private message. They will aim to best resolve this for you and to get your service up and running again.


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I've had this problem since taking on Virgin tv package including Virgin go / sky go in August - hours of time spent unproductively with IT help desk / customer service - as other have said, spending money on something that hasn't worked for over 3 months - please refer any solutions in my direction - thx 

Hi @Smithpwm66, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Have our IT team advised you of a ticket being raised on your account for this matter? 

Kindest regards,


Many times over last few months including week before last but, with exception of one person in customer service, people have not followed up and nothing has been resolved.

Please help.

Tuning in

Why why why am I reading hundreds of messages dating back months relating to the same issue. Sort it out. Full virgin package. Sky sports and yet like everyone else, I can’t watch sky sports through the sky sports app. It says device not registered. I go to the virgin tv app and look at the list of devices registered. It is registered and further more, I have only registered 4 of a possible 5 so I have the space for one more anyway! It then says contact your provider. I’ve contact Virgin twice and still no fix. To make it worse, they didn’t record the issue properly the first time I complained about it! 

sort it out!