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Sky Sports App via Virgin TV Go

Tuning in

We have the Full House package (including Sky Sports and Cinema). Is an extra subscription required to watch live Sky Sports events on the go? If not, how do I access them? Via the Sky Go or Virgin apps? Help!

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I think the Virgin guys will reach out directly to you. I've had a couple of mails from the Virgin team on the forum after my post, and they have been helpful in getting the IT ticket raised today.

Screenshot_20211101-162236_Sky Sports.jpg

Please can you raise me a ticket as I thought that it was going to be done automatically 


Still very much an issue on all devices and platforms. 


Hi gregs1

Can you please check your private message 


Could I raise a ticket too? Been getting the same 'Oops' message for a few weeks now.

Hi @R6FC_  a Private Message has been sent to you so we can add you onto the ticket. Please reply back to it so we can add you.


Following investigations by our Support Team, a Private Message has been sent to all members who have already posted on this thread for some additional information, please can you reply back to our Private Message so our Support Team can continue with the checks any new members who are affected by the same issue, please can you try and log into the Sky Sports App again and confirm if:

- You was able to log into Sky Sports successfully?
- If log in was successful, was you able to stream or play back any content?
- If you could not log in or play back any content, can you tell us the exact error message?




The ModTeam

I am yet to receive a DM.  Could you please add me to the ticket I am receiving the same errors as posted above.

I'm still unable to access Sky Sports on my phone 3 months after raising the issue.  No private message received so far.  Do I have to ask to be added to the ticket?

On our wavelength

Same here ,3 months endless texts ,calls,clueless!