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Cannot access recordings on 360 box Android.

Tuning in

I can't access my recording on any android device. The TV go app sees the recordings, progress and can play them onto the TV but not on the phone. No mesh used, IP of box and phone in same range (192.168.1.x) app reinstalled and box rebooted. VPN deactivated and still no joy. The error message can be seen below and also the diagnostic as well. It seems the CPE IP is the issue from what I have read so far. Any ideas?




Hi Ashleigh

That seems to ne the standard response for the last 12 months.

Could we please have an update ASAP, and maybe a time frame that this will be received.


Evening. This message would have been better coming a year or more ago. I have been saying this is an app issue since my first post. Not great customer service. I hope it is sorted soon.