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Websafe not blocking apps on iPhone and iPad eg Instagram

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I have lots of sites blocked through websafe and this works if searching for that site through a browser but it no longer blocks sites if they are accessed via an app.

example Instagram, I cant access it though a browser search so that part is working but I can access it through the app.

this has just started happening and I don’t know why, the apps used to be blocked but now it doesn’t work. I think it’s since an Apple update but I’m not sure, my iPad and iPhone isn’t using a vpn.

Please help thanks.


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Actually I am going to flag this issue as I think it is pretty serious. 

I have done this and the issue is still there. I seem to be able to add websites that I want to block but if I select a category all of the websites disappear. 

When I followed the steps above I did get the error message again "sorry the changes you made were not saved please try again"

If I then go back to the webpage about my package and go back into websafe settings all of the websites have disappeared and the list is empty


Yes this is exactly what is happening and the list of websites then disappear, I can't have categories and websites working at the same time. 

What is a server 500 error please?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Unicornlala wrote:

What is a server 500 error please?

@Unicornlala, the server telling the client (your browser's Web Safe session) that something went wrong on the server; not a surprise given the issue you have raised and its reproducibility.

Thanks, so what happens next, will someone fix this??

Please help, still having this problem

On our wavelength


I have been using Websafe for some time but I noticed this morning (about 7.40am) that all the settings for blocked categories (e.g. cheating, porn, social media etc.) and blocked and allowed websites have disappeared completely.  I had a number of custom settings in place and now they are gone... again.

I added some blocked websites again when I found this happened - about 7.40am or so this morning - and when I logged in just now (about 11.30am or so) they have disappeared again!

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

I find from time-to-time have that the settings just randomly disappear and have to be reconfigured from scratch.  This happened recently when the websafe page was updated to the new colours and layout and  it has just happened again this morning.


Hi Unicornlala,

Thank you for reaching back out, we don't have any further information in regards to this, I have reached out to see if I can find out if there are any fixes in place, once I find anything out, I will come back and update you.



Hi Schmill, thanks for the message. We have raised this and are awaiting a response. Hopefully we are able to get this resolved soon. I have added the thread on to the email trail. ^Chris

OK thanks, I can’t be the only person having this problem!