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Virgin Media Stream.

Tuning in

With prices due to increase quite dramatically shortly with my VM Bundle I was looking to see if money could be saved by purchasing the same tv options via VM Stream. The main thing that’s always put me off using a streaming system is not bring able to watch TV if Wi-Fi goes down.

if I connected to Stream via the Ethernet cable plugged into my modem, does this mean the TV service would still work if WI-FI was down? If so, is the only way the TV streaming service wouldn’t work is if there was an issue with the modem itself.

Hoping somebody can clarify.

Thanks in advance.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

V6 & V360 TV services use broadcast technology. The live channels are sent down coaxial the cable in broadcast muxes the same way as those received by a satellite dish or TV antenna. Therefore these will still work if your internet service only goes down (VM TV services still rely on the public electricity supply & the digital street nodes).

Stream is a purely IP based service. So if the internet goes down, so does Stream.

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Many thanks for clarifying, I was pretty sure that was the case but wasn’t 100% certain. My landline is also plugged into the router therefore I would lose everything if the internet went down and my tv was coming via stream. Wi-Fi does in fairness seem to be more reliable these days but, there will of course be occasions when it does go down. I guess one day tv will only be available via streaming anyway. 

If your Stream power adaptor is close to your hub there is no reason at all to use WiFi when the much more reliable Ethernet cable can be plugged in.

As for broadband reliability: if it worries you then get an aerial, even an interior one for emergency use can work quite well from my observations.

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Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I think if I do go for stream I will almost certainly connect via Ethernet cable.