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Re: Channel 4 issue

Tuning in

I am also getting the same issue here, was told by a engineer that it has been fixed but still have the issue on my Stream box and on the Virgin Go app


I only have a stream Box in the house,

To your guide lines if you have TV boxes IE 360 or V6 boxes your not allowed to have a stream box in the house. Stream boxes are for Non Tv customers. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply crazydave85. 

You have mentioned this happens on the TV Go as well as the Stream box. 

Do you use the TV Go app on your home WiFi or have you used it in other locations? If so, do you still have this same issue?

As it is happening on two devices, we will need to investigate possible causes aside from the equipment.

Thank you, 



Hi, yes I use this app on my works WiFi, also my Partners WiFi, and also on my mobile network, this would be ranging from 4G or 5G on the EE network with strong signals,

have a similar error, I have attached a link again to my Microsoft one drive with 2 videos of what is happening on both my Mobile device and also my Tv. 
Mobile is on 5G 

hope this clears all questions up and helps getting this fixed sooner than later as this has been happening now for over 2 months

Stream and Tv Go 


Hi crazydave85, 

Thanks for coming back to us. We're unable to view the videos through the link you've provided I'm afraid. 

Please upload these in your reply instead. The moderation team will then be able to review them. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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Unfortunately your site does not allow for videos to be uploaded only photos.

If one of the team would like to send me an email direct I’m more than happy to send these videos to them.

unsure why you are unable to view them as I’ve given the link to others to try and it works, must be a your IT department that is blocking your access to the site.

You should be able to upload the video in a reply. What happens when you try to do so?

Do you get an error message? If so, what is it? 




Hi team, 

click on the upload option only allows for photos even if I click on File and go to the location of the videos they are greyed out so I can not select them.


Hi Crazydave85,

Sorry to see you are still facing issues with this, I have checked our end using the details we have for you and can see there is a known fault effecting catch up TV and TV On Demand, the estimated fix time is 26/06/23 @ 14:45.



Hi Paul,

well I have waited until today, and low and behold it still ain’t working.

are they ever going to fix this or are you a company that only likes giving its customers some channels, 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I assure you it's not the case of only liking giving you some channels, crazydave85. As you can appreciate it is a singular channel you're having an issue with. 


I will send you over a private message to confirm some details.