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VM speeds are a complete joke, my brodband has NEVER been stable for longer than a week

On our wavelength

I rely on high download and upload speeds for my work / hobbies and I have never experienced a week where I did not have issues


What is frustrating is that checking the service in the area it always says everything is fine, and it only starts saying "We are aware of an issue" when I check it several time in succession


Have a look at this DQM:


I am not sure how to share previous days but the latence is even worse with a lot of dropped packets


I installed the VM app because I was told on the phone it's easier to request help from it and all I can do is the same steps as the website (inputting postcode/last name and the website telling me everything is fine, then doing a hub check and it telling me it's fine) or post on the forums. 0 ways for me to request technical help as there is something obviously wrong 


I had several engineers come to my property at the start of a year for another unrelated issue (that resulted in me having total loss of service for 11 days and no compensation despite opening a complaint)



What can I even do now to resolve my issues beside waiting and praying for it to get better for a couple days at a time? VM has a monopoly on fibre in my area and they make zero attempt at providing a decent service because they know the customers have no alternatives


On our wavelength

Here's the DQM from Monday



My speed tested just now from London to London



DQM from yesterday:


As my profile name suggests, DO NOT SUB TO VM if you can avoid it!!


I am paying for the 250MB package, it's very pricey and the price just went up this month (right in the middle of cost of living crisis but not surprised VM doesn't care)

And apparent with me having to spam in the forums to get any kind of help, their customer service/assistance is the worst in the game

Avoid avoid avoid

We are seeing multiple post covering speed issues.

Post the result from the link below, it is VM's speed test of the Hub.

Once the test begins click on Run full test to show all the figures.

Their service does seem to be a bit of a joke. So many posts on here. Kind of wonder if anyone gets away without any issues. I moved to Virgin because I was tired of waiting for BT to go FTTP in my area. What was I thinking??? Now I have problems and am seeing all this. I remember when my wife was still living at home albeit well over 10 years ago. Her family had virgin back then and it was awful. Should of heeded the warning signs.

test hub in modem mode

Share the full results from Realspeed. 

Visual evidence of a service defect at the Hub is hard for VM to ignore.

Thanks everyone, will post results when I get home

Can't post anything from realspeed because I can't run the test when the connection is acting up,..

Every now and then I'll have high latency / packet loss and I'll try to do the realspeed test but  the page won't even load until the connection is back to normal

VM says there's no issue in my area and the technician said my installation is fine and everything at my property looks great

I am not getting any help from VM - I requested a technician visit and it was cancelled (without notifying me) because they thought the issue was a fault in my area that got fixed.

I hope this thread is detering people from signing up with VM, it's a complete joke. I would like to remind readers I am subbed to one of their top package, and it's so bad because VM has a monopoly on fibre in my area and have no incentive to offer a better service because they know their customer have no other choice of provider in the area. Capitalism at its best 🙂

Bet the street cabinet serving you is in a shocking state, plagued with noise issues and has never been opened by a Virgin engineer. Some of the ones in my area look in a severe state. You'd think this might be first place they look