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Upload speed issues

Joining in

I am having major upload speed issues in the TW13 area. 

Download speed is fine, it's just the upload. It is making working from home seriously challenging.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @danbrierley8


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, we are glad to have you on the team. 


I am so sorry to hear that you are facing this issue with your service! 


I have checked and can see that there does appear to be a SNR outage in your area, this stands for signal to noise ratio and it is likely causing the issues with your connection.


This is due to be resolved on the 26th of October at 4.55pm. Are you able to let us know how things are looking after this time?


Thank you. 



Hi Ash, 

Thank you for the reply, that's good to know. 

I will update this thread after that time. 





No change unfortunately. Do you know if the works are still on going?




Hi Dan,

Thanks for coming back to us for an update on whether the outage has been resolved or not. 

I have taken a look and it seems it was pushed back to 28 OCT 2022 18:00 however they haven't closed the report down as resolved yet, so it may be pushed back again by morning. 

Please come back to us tomorrow so we can confirm if this is the case. 

Sorry it's not the best clarification at the moment, they must be in the process of updating it!


Hi Megan, 

Thanks for the response. The issue still seems to be ongoing so looks like they haven't resolved it.

Cheers, Dan

Apologies danbrierley8, from the area issue it now shows as an estimated fix date of the 8th November at 10.35am. We appreciate this isn't the news you wanted and apologise for the delays and inconvenience.