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Re: Should have stayed with Sky

Put into modem mode 19.4Mbps.

I thought I'd call at a few neighbours houses and compare speeds using my laptop and sitting the same distance from the routers.

PlusNet, TalkTalk, Zen Broadband, Sky and BT. I tested all via a wireless connection and all my neighbours said they haven't tweaked any router or computer settings. Just plugged the routers in.

PlusNet 62.8Mbps

TalkTalk 59.8Mbps bloody surprised at that!

Zen Broadband 61.9Mbps

BT Broadband 71.4Mbps

Sky 66.9Mbps

Got back and tested mine............31.47Mbps.

Still no response from Virgin to my complaints.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Should have stayed with Sky

A simple explanation of the data would be that.....

1) something is affecting your wifi speeds in your home - would be interesting to check that out by asking one or two of the neighbours to bring their lappys/phones to you and see what they get on your Hub

2) the wifi "capabilities" of the other ISP routers is better than that of the VM equipment. In which case getting your own bespoke router/access point will fix the problem

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