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Re: Painful Customer service!

So Level 2 techs came and reset the router with the pin back to factory and it miraculously worked!

After the engineer getting slow speeds aswell as myself and the level 2 techs going in to the box before coming here!

I have no words but glad its sorted!

So now im looking for geek assistance,

on my samsung s9 im getting 320 down and 36 up but if i test @ my pc im only hitting 240,
The box has 2 Nics in it and they both come with the same result, 240 Mbps and that is linked direct to the modem with no 3rd party hardware?

The pc is an I7 with 16gb of ram so im at a loss?

any help would be much appreciated... 🙂


2 x V6 | 350Meg | 247 calls | Caller ID | Customer since 1999 & i know my onions 🙂
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