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Low WFi speed on 1 gig

Joining in

I have called almost monthly about my 2-300mbps download speed on 1 Gig fibre, lower than when I had the 600 pacakage.

They didn't help me at all. Refused to send me a Hub5.


However, I had an Orbi set up. I eventually put the HUB 4 in modem mode. I made 2 alterations in the Orbi router with 2 satellites. Now I get wi fi speeds 6-almost 900mbps downloads on any laptop. Even when both of us are suing at the same timeI am pleased that I have solved the problem but it cost me a grand to do it. Needless to say I am not at all happy with Virgin. I will not be changing supplier though as I want the 1 gig connection and do not want the hassle of swapping to a maybe worse company.

I do not understand why the speed drops in the late afternoon and evening when many clearly go on line. Why should high speed fibre be affected by the amount of people online?

The 'slow speed getting yu down?' thing above is laughable.

kindest regards


Trouble shooter

"I do not understand why the speed drops in the late afternoon and evening"

Perhaps is it because too many customers are sat at home endlessly performing speed tests without realising that this is a form of anti social behaviour on a shared data network infrastructure.

Not exactly helpful. Not that I asked for help. I just explained how I was able to solve a problem which Virgin wouldn’t. I did need to Speedtest when buffering showed there was a speed issue. Sarcasm is never a good look.


Alessandro Volta
You solved what many don't get the hub is a modem first.

We understand the frustration Knitman1, we provide the connection to the Hub. From there the wireless network can be impacted by multiple factors including, property build, distance from the router, other electrical appliances and even the devices themselves. Due to this each home can be unique, we do have help here for signal issues and here.


As you have mentioned, you are now using the Hub in modem mode meaning third party equipment is handling the wireless network.