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I've had enough

I made a post over the weekend explaining the same issue and it still persists. I pay for 350mb download during the day before half 4 I get between 280 and 310 give or take the odd dip into the 100s soon as half 4 hits I'm getting 45 mb and no more on my ps4. Its attached to the hub 3 via a cat 6 cable. The speeds drop to this at that given time. Now as a test I've just put a 25gb game into download that would normally take 10 minutes for me or so but now it's saying 2 hours and going up at 4mb per second as opposed to what it does normally (30-40)  I've tried reseting the router that does nothing I've been told it's Sony servers etc but I don't have this issue during the day and I've just asked my mate to download the same file and hes is down for 25 minutes. I've seriously had enough of this now can any ps4 players say they are experiencing the same because I basically can't get downloads done between half 4 and very late at night. It can't be peak time issues because it's half 11 on a Monday night. 

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Re: I've had enough

Please keep to you other post rather than duplicating threads 

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