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Hub5 - Needs rebooting quite a few times a day

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My Hub5 has been recently giving me grief.

We got it a few months ago as part of an upgrade and all seemed fine.  We normally get 220MB down and 20Mb up and have no issues for years, but the last month or so the down speed just seems to drop off after an hour or two down and then we have to turn the hub back off and on and all is back to normal. My PC is connected via Lan.

We use and sometimes the down speed is less than 1Mb while the Up is still around 20Mb.

It's better than having no internet I suppose, but it is starting to get quite annoying.

I've done a factory reset from the hub web page and have called the call center a couple of weeks ago, but I could tell the person who I was talking to didn't really understand and all they wanted to do was to send an engineer with a promise I would be charged if they can't find anything wrong (I declined).

I've checked all the cables, changed the coax connectors, looked at the splitters, change the ethernet cables, moved the hub - I can't think of anything else to do.

Anyone else got any suggestions?



Alessandro Volta

What with VM saying their magical fix of reboot the hub should not fly here and their is something wrong with the speed rate limiter over time or something like that.

does it do it in modem mode?

dose unplugging the LAN cable and back in fix it? what ports are you using on the hub just the 2.5Gb or some of the 1Gb ports?


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I've never put it in modem mode as I don't have a spare wireless router in the house and I am not paying for a new one and my family won't let me do it because we've got a lot of devices dependent on Wi-Fi (4 Amazon Alexas for a start) so we need the Wi-Fi up.

All ethernet ports are occupied as one goes to a small powered 1GB 4 port switch (2 Lan Users on here), and the others to the TV , Virgin TiVo Box and Video Doorbell.

It's exactly the same set up as before and it's not related to LAN as the Wi-Fi Laptop users (the wife) will complain that the Internet is down again.

Every cable has been taken out, checked, replaced and put back as I have spare Coaxial and ethernet cables.

This morning I got up it was slow. so I did a speed test - 0.12Mb Down, 20Mb Up. Started typing this comment and 5 minutes later did a speed test, this time  40Mb Down, 20Mb up, but it found a different server to use on speed test.  Reloaded the page, did it again 1 minute later 1Mb Down 20Mb Up.

Have just rebooted and expect it to be fine a minute or two - yep 200Mb down, 20 Up.

I'm just wondering why we was offered this "upgrade" in the first place as the Hub 4 did everything that the Hub5 does.
We don't move vast amounts of data around our network and I'm the only "heavy" user and my network card is a 1GB so why do I need a router with a 2.5GB ethernet port? 

Oh well, maybe someone has an answer short of replacing the router.

Hi @Anonymous,

Welcome to our Community Forums! Thank you for your first post and I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing some issues with your Hub 5 at the moment! I can understand how frustrating this may be.

I can see on our systems that you've been in touch with our teams about this issue recently to book in an appointment to have this issue investigated further.

Please keep us updated on how your appointment goes and if you need any further assistance going forward. 

We'll be happy to assist if needed. 🙂

Thank you.

Forum Team

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