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Hub 5

On our wavelength


I had a VM technician arrive at my dad's flat yesterday for on an going problem which was caused by another technician however hopefully it should be resolved today.

Secondly, the technician who visited my dad suggested he be forwarded the new Hub 5 he is on the Gig1 package and said himself "I don't know why they would send a Hub 4 as it's not reliable" He said he would put a note on my dad's account and order one for him so he wouldn't need to ring up CS.

Would anyone be able to confirm this please as he would like to take advantage of the Hub 5 if the technician said this.

Many thanks!


Trouble shooter

We love to help but the initial post does not mention what problem is to be solved.

On our wavelength

We're trying to get a hub5 installed yet now told there's something in the street cabinet that needs upgrading (and it might not get done !!). Three hub5's failed to get past the dreaded blue flashing light, stuck with a temporary hub4 for now.

A hub 5 is not going to solve a cabinet problem.

Hub 3.0, TP-Link Archer C8, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, V6
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM broadband connection

The hub5's won't work due to the cabinet problem !. Hub4 working reasonably ok, as was our old hub3

Dialled in

I upgraded to Gig1 with a hub 4 and instantly had problems. Had an engineer appointment and was told the Hub 4 is not fit for purpose with Gig1 and that a Hub 5 would be requested.

When I chased the request, I was basically told no Hub 5 would be ordered as there are no issues with Hub 5 and Gig1.

Fast forward six months and was still having issues, even using a third party mesh system, I contacted Virgin who ordered me a Hub 5 with no questions.

Have been using the Hub 5 now for 5-6 months (with no third party mesh system) and have not had one single issue.