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Gigabit Broadband - Upload speeds of 0.05mbps

Tuning in

Hi there, I'm hoping somebody here can help me. 

On Saturday the 15th, we noticed our internet connection became incredibly slow and after a few speed tests we saw that our Upload speed had gone from around 50mbps to 0.05mbps.

Thinking it would be a short-term outage, we tried again the next day and were greeted with approximately the same result. This is across all laptops in the house, regardless of whether we're using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. 

I have spoken to customer service every day since Monday the 17th, and have been told the following

  • It's a known issue it will be fixed on the 18th by 9am
  • It's a known issue it will be fixed on the 19th by 9am
  • It's a known issue it will be fixed on the 20th by 9am (there's a theme here)
  • There is no issue, followed by a short period on hold, oh there is an issue and it will be fixed on the 24th by 9am
  • It's because you're using Wi-Fi (I'm not, I'm using Ethernet)
  • It's because your ethernet cable is broken, it's the fourth cable I've tried.
  • It's because there's a problem with your laptop, then tried to transfer me to a department that wanted to charge me money to fix my laptop. 
  • Can you try a desktop PC!? - I must admit I laughed at this one.
  • and a total of 6 times where I've given the complaint number just to be hung up on.

I'm a hardware engineer by trade, so do know the in's and out's of computers and I am absolutely convinced that there is an issue with Virgin Media.

I have a complaint reference number - 181022787

Please, please, please can someone from Virgin Media actually help me!? I'm at my wits end with this and with both me and my partner working from home due to catching the 'vid - it's meant we've lost income for the past four days. 




Thank you for helping me, I'll try that tomorrow as around 8pm every evening - it comes back. I've noticed this for the past three days.

Still WAY too many T3 timeouts on the upstream, but it definitely points out it being a VM problem that needs an engineer. Or, maybe I'll just cancel my 10+ year contract. 

Tested this morning, as sure enough we're back down again in speeds (as an aside, full speed seems to be bestowed to us around 8pm until around 2am) and whilst downloading the 10gb file, we get around the same upload speed (0.05mbps).

Oh mods / support / whoeever - please can I get an engineer out to fix this issue? Your customer service line has point blank refused, has told me anything to get me off the phone. 

Hi horrordad, 

Thank you for your posts here on the Community. 

I am very sorry to hear of the issues you have been experiencing. 

I have taken a look from our side and can confirm there is a known outage in your area related to SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). 

Our team are working to get this resolved and the current estimated fix time for this is the 28th October 3pm. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 




Hi @Natalie_L, thanks for replying

Unfortunately this issue has now been going for well over a week and I've been told numerous fix dates. I would appreciate an engineer. 

Thanks for your reply horrordad.

Sorry to hear of the issues faced and that they've been ongoing for this long, please be advised when it comes to network issues an engineer is always dispatched to work on the fixes. 
However, this is a network engineer we send, and no appointments are required to be booked for you about this within the property.

For info and updates on area outages check this page here.
If you have mor questions or concerns about the above let us know and we're happy to advise more.

Forum Team

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