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Gig1 Downstream Speed reduced from > 1000Mbps, to < 43Mbps.

Hey foks...

I'm hoping someone can help me, since it seems Virgin have some of the worst customer support services I have ever had the misfortune to require!

I recently subscribed to the Gig1 broadband service, which is supposed to have a guaranteed minumum speed above 500Mbps. For the last 4 days, I have performed several speed tests each day, with the results showing that my connection is incapable of speeds above 42Mbps.

I am absolutely apalled, for when you consider the costs of having such a high speed subscription, to then find that my connection is reduced by over 900Mbps, is absolutely outrageous!

I have performed diagnostic tests, and discovered the following:


Could anyone possibly shed some light on the issue, and how I might resolve it?

Thanks folks.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Gig1 Downstream Speed reduced from > 1000Mbps, to < 43Mbps.

What speed do you get at >> Sam Knows Real Speed << with a direct connection using a Cat 5E/6 cable between the Hub in Router Mode and a 1Gbs capable Pc/Mac/Chromebook and no other devices connected ?


BT Smart Hub 2 with 70Mbs Download,18Mbs Upload, 9.17ms Latency & 0.35ms Jitter.
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