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Fibre Upgrade to 1 Gig and download speed has been drastically reduced.

Joining in

Upgraded to 1 Gig fibre, new Hub 5 received and installed and everything was time of installation download speed was checked at 930 mbps. A few days later we noticed streaming media buffering issues and internet extremely slow. Checked the speed and found it to be drastically reduced at 28 mbps. Engineer came and replaced and tightened a few connections and replaced an isolator. Speed to the hub was checked by the engineer at 1100+ mbps and 325 mbps on his handheld device. 10 mins after he left, the same issue returned and has remained.

As part of our local network, we use Tenda Nova MW6 Mesh system which we used with our previous hub 3 with no problems at all. Eng told us to switch the Hub 5 to modem mode if trouble returns which we did. This made things seemed to be locked on the 'adjusting settings' in Hub settings and our Mesh system became inactive. No wifi and no ethernet connectivity at all. The hub was reset to Router mode.

Strangely whilst in 'Hub Settings' and prior to reset to modem mode, when i checked devices connected there were no devices connected via wifi, but this could not be correct as we have mobile phones, ipads, TV, apple tv connected  using wifi.

Does anyone have the same Mesh system and did they have to change anything in the Tenda Nova settings? just wondering if there is a conflict between the Hub 5 that we did not have with the hub 3?

Any help would be gratefully accepted.



Alessandro Volta

Have Tenda Nova  set to router mode connect it to the hub and all wired devices to the Tenda Nova but don't connect them yet just Tenda Nova to hub then go to change to modem mode 5 mins and check for internet if nothing power off hub for 2 mins and try again.