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Download speed halved after service outage LL13

On our wavelength

Hi, We recently had a service outage for broadband, tv and phone which started late Wednesday night - not had ANY service for any of the above until an hour or so ago. All services now working but after checking my M350 fibre speeds, it’s practically reduced by half since services coming back online.

Prior to this outage, I was getting a solid and constant speed just above M350, but now it’s pants!

See below



On our wavelength

Anyone?? - todays initial Speedtest is even worse…..not exactly the M350 I was getting before some numpty must have JCB’d through a cable somewhere….


And things just keep getting worse…..


Looks like the downstream is under load for your area by HFQ type of QoS/BWM going by the buffer download latency... then again this is by wifi so test by wire.  


Thanks for the reply but that means nothing to me. Care to elaborate because I was getting 370 down and after this service outage/bodge repair by VM I’m getting half that….don’t see why I should test by Ethernet when my previous speeds were all wifi and nothing at all changed my end apart from VM chopping through some cables somewhere and claiming it’s now fixed

Wifi around you and others with Wifi can cause your Wifi to drop in speed. try changing the channel on 5G to 52

Not to sound ungrateful but NOTHING changed here, no changes in surrounding wifi etc, only the fact some idiot chopped through a VM cable somewhere and left half of my town without any service

Hey steviejones133, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some issues due to an SNR outage.

These outages can affect your connection is different ways unfortunately.

However I have taken a look and I can see the outage has now been resolved, has your connection been fully restored yet? Thanks   

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt. 

I have a connection, but it’s nowhere near the speeds it was before the service outage for both a wired pc and wifi iOS devices. Before this, I was getting a rock solid wired speed of around 370-80 down and 36 up. The wifi speeds close to the hub were also getting this speed as pictured before.

Now, it’s practically half of what I was getting and can only attribute this to the issues VM had in my area.

I have tried logging into the hub but it is telling me someone is already signed in! See pics below of my desktop/hardwired and my iPad.



Okay, so tested speed on my wired desktop and it’s fine - getting 385 down and about 37 up so that’s just as it was before the outage. The only difference is the wifi speeds have slumped through the floor as stated/pictured. It’s clear to see that prior to the outage, my iPad (sat in the same room as before about 2m from the hub) wifi speeds have gone from 370 ish to half that whilst upstream speeds remained the same.

Nothing has changed in or around my home so I can most certainly say it’s not something I’ve caused, more so a VM issue of some kind but I’m not an expert in routers or what the info within means.

I was able to log in to the hub to look at the figures, maybe someone can comment on the images below?