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Binning the Superhub for another Router

So, I have the Superhub 3 in my loft. I have a medium sized 3 bed house that's quite narrow and goes back quite far.  I struggled with the superhub obviously for connectivity and range. I bought a TP Link C50 and put the hub in Modem and still struggled even tho it was slightly better range. I then bought an Wifi Repeater and had this set up for a couple of years which worked ok. After finally deciding enough was enough I increased my speed to 200mbs thinking that would fix my issues, it didn't.  I decided to try out a new router (Tp link c6) and it came today..... Fantastic bit of kit for £38 I now get 5g speeds in every corner of my house, I don't even need my Wifi Repeater.  BIN OFF THE SUPERHUB ASAP, MODEM MODE AND GET YOURSELF A TP LINK C6! I wasted years mate   

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Binning the Superhub for another Router

Some people are stubborn and really want the hub to do everything, why can't VM just give up people will buy routers or are they scared people will change ISP for not buying a router well people are changing ISP because of poor WiFi so darned if you do damned if you don't at this point.