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Re: 20-50mps when should be 100mps

ok so i still have this issue and despite the best efforts of the forum team its still @20-30mps so tried all channel combos over a couple of days and still the same...mostly 20 ish...odd occations 30-45mps....i cannot work out why,at the beginning of december it was back to 100mps+(see pic uploaded to my thread)...and it was rock solid eveyday at an average of 108mps then after the 28th of december it went off the cliff again.back down to 20-30....obviously we are not getting what we are paying for,but im more interested in restoring the service back to what it should be and the reason for why its dropped off a cliff since frustrating 

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Re: 20-50mps when should be 100mps

My apologies sonar69,


I'll pop you a quick PM now.


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Re: 20-50mps when should be 100mps

Can you try the speedtest exactly like this - for the reasons seen in several recent threads (below).

Make sure your device has a gigabit network card and has the up to date drivers.  Use a new Cat5e/6a ethernet cable to connect it to the Hub - which you have put into modem mode (to ensure only your device is connected).  Then, boot up your device into "safe mode" (to disable any software on it that could be limiting speeds) and run the test at on 2 different browsers one of which is a fresh download of one you haven’t previously used (e.g. Firefox, Opera, etc).  See what that gets.

Turbo LAN App problem

Windows re-install

Old Network Card driver

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