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1GB Service - repeatedly getting less than 300MB :(

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I've started to see much lower speeds on my 1GB service (Hub 4).

Initially it was great and consistently reporting speeds >800MB but of late it seems to be no better that 300Mb (according to To be fair, I'm not really 'suffering' but I like to get what I'm paying for.

The Hub is normally in Modem mode but I have done tests reverting it back to Router mode. Test speeds remain consistent either way.

I've tried the usual suggestions - rebooted the hub & checked the coaxial connections etc. I've checked the hub logs too (although I'm not sure what I'm looking for!) and can't see anything obvious.  Any ideas for next steps?





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There are quite a few uncorrectables on your 3.1 channel (D/S)

Keep monitoring this til VM staff get to it - also set up a BQM to monitor the connection:

'Broadband Quality Monitor'. This will monitor the state of your connection and record any network dropouts etc - You can do this at ThinkBroadband (
Give it a while to gather data and then click 'Share Live graph' and paste the 'Direct Link' into the forum!

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

BQM doesn't want to play ball with my Hub 4.

I imagine ICMP is being blocked and I can't see a way to enable it. I even reverted to Router mode to see if that would present an option but I can't see anything 😞

Seems to be working now (and speed increased again too).  Maybe you have to turn things on and off more than once 🙄