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1 gig upload speed

On our wavelength

When can we expect an upload speed boost to non business broadband? Business 1 gig will be increased to a 10:1 ration (100mb) soon, can we expect the same for domestic broadband?


Alessandro Volta

Almost certainly, but when and on what terms remains to be seen. 

Modestly higher speeds were "given away" to customers on lower speeds in November, but no news for customers on higher speeds.  I wouldn't be surprised if they're simply keeping higher residential upload for high speeds in the bag, perhaps to go along with launching new higher download speed tiers including the long-trialled 2 Gbps tier.  A well reasoned guess is that whilst you'd probably see 1100/100 for free if you're already on Gig1, any 2 Gbps package will be chargeable, or involve subscribing to some new multi-play package.  

Given the remarkable price rises they're in the process of imposing (and the unjustifiable changes to T&Cs), keeping back the news of 100 Mbps upload would be a "good news" story VM would hope to land in the press after the price rise dust has settled a bit.