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possible scam call from 'Virgin media', (apparently)

Knows their stuff

OK, so had a call from this number, [MOD EDIT: Potential spoofed number], foreign female, wanting to talk about my account. 

Didn't ask for a name, just to talk regarding my account, wouldn't let me get a word in edgeways, jabbering on. 

Probable SCAM, but thought I'd let VM know. 



Are VM able to clarify please how VM customers can safely distinguish between genuine VM sales calls made from poor quality backstreet offshore boiler room call centres and scam calls made from poor quality backstreet offshore boiler room call centres? Thanks. 

Current VM broadband only customer. Previously with NTL, Virgin Net, Cabletel, Cable Online. Patiently looking forward to a FTTP choice in my area.
Volt M250 with a Hub 3 in modem mode using an Asus RT-AC86U router. Landline via Sipgate. TV via Freeview and smart TV apps.

Knows their stuff

For what it's worth, caller actually stated she was from Virgin Media, then again when I asked which department she was from, she again said 'Virgin Media' yet did NOT ask for ANY confirmation of who I was, or even my name.

Also, had another call from same number later this afternoon, same foreign female, same dialogue....

DEFINATE SCAM. (But VM are not really interested)

'unfortunately we are unable to answer that question, because it is not on our scripted dialogue, so I am unable to help, sorry'  ('but thank you for contacting Virgin Media anyway') 

There's your answer!!

Yes but bear in mind that there is a non zero chance that the same person one day may well be working on behalf of VM and the next day for 'Scammer's R Us'. Who knows what the offshore, third party call centre is doing, or indeed who that are taking money from to do....?

Hey HughJarsse,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the call that you received on Monday, it does sound like a scam call that you received and to be sure I have looked into this on our system to make sure and cannot see contact from any of our teams or notes on your account about any calls.

I would advise in the future to ask the agent further questions about your account that only yourself and a Virgin Media employee would know such as your broadband speed, TV package, the amount or date of your last bill, the team will be happy to answer these questions to help you feel safer speaking to the team. 

Kind Regards,