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Virgin disclosed my password

I was just cold-called by someone claiming to represent Virgin Media wanting to discuss my services and discounts. I thought it might be a scam so, having only confirmed I was the person they thought they were speaking to, when they asked for me to confirm the first line of my address and my postcode I instead asked for them to tell me my password.

And they did !

To say I am both shocked and livid is an understatement. They did not know I was the customer they thought they were talking to, and they disclosed my name and my password to someone who could have been any Tom, Dick or Harry.

I eventually managed to escalate the issue to a supervisor who is apparently going to listen to the recording of the call and get back to me. If anyone from Virgin Media wishes to obtain further details of this incident, the name of the supervisor dealing with the issue, please phone or email.

Probably best to leave it a few minutes though because I really am in a state of shock.

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Re: Virgin disclosed my password

Hi hippyclone

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we're really sorry to hear of this experience you've had recently. I've sent you a PM for some additional information so we can look into this further with you.

Speak soon


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