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The Virgin Media team would like to hear your feedback

Hi there,

I just received an email from > with subject > The Virgin Media team would like to hear your feedback.

The email starts by > "Thanks for getting in touch with our team recently. At Virgin Media, we want to give you great customer service, so we'd really like to find out how things went when you called us so we can make improvements wherever we can." > but I never contacted Virgin Media recently, I only paid a bill online (I have done it many times but never received this sort of email) but never actually called or chat with Virgin Media.

Can please somebody give me more details about it?
Is that a legit email?
Is it possible that somebody contacted Virgin Media on my behalf?

Thanks for your help.


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Re: The Virgin Media team would like to hear your feedback

I get a lot of these. Apparently use of this forum doesn't trigger them but pretty much every other contact with VM can. I suspect your use of the online payment system triggered it.

However, if you are unsure about its validity just ignore it.
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